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VIKINGS Odin's Pendant from Ribe


Odin with Ravens Hugin and Munin Pendant

Thisendant based on find from VII/VIII century find from Ribe Denmark

In Old Norse texts, Odin is given primacy over female beings associated with the battlefield the valkyries and he himself oversees the afterlife location Valhalla, where he receives half of those who die in battle, the einherjar. The other half are chosen by goddess Freyja for her afterlife location, Fólkvangr. Odin consults the disembodied, herb-embalmed head of the wise being Mímir for advice, and during the foretold events of Ragnarök, Odin is told to lead the einherjar into battle before being consumed by the monstrous wolf Fenrir. In later folklore, Odin appears as a leader of the Wild Hunt, a ghostly procession of the dead through the winter sky. Odin is also particularly associated with charms and other forms of magic, such as in Old English and Old Norse texts.

Length  41mm
Width   20mm
Weight 8.4 gram

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