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Viking Sarkel Belt


The Viking Store is proud to present our vast range of Reenactment products. Our wide selection of accessories are ideal for a range of Live Action Role Play characters also.

Viking belt in question is made of bronze belt plates which are reproduced to represent the viking belts found in graves around Scandinavia and Rus. This is an early Medieval belt with central belt plates, buckle and strap end, all reproduced to be ideal for any Reenactors wanting to "bling" out there kit, or look great in banquets.

-New belt and bag, Sarkel
-65 bronze fittings / elements
-Total length: 165cm
-regulation/waist 95-105 cm 
-Bag dimensions: 14x12x4 cm

The belt plates / belt itself is a well known find from Sarkel, and was known to inhabit the regions of the "Rus" / Eastern Slavs. The original is well kept at the Hermitage Museum St.Petersburg.

Sarkel was one of the principal defenses of the Khazar Kaganate. It was taken and burned in 965 by Svyatoslav Igorevich of Kiev. The treasure was thus deposited at some point between 954 and 965, possibly in connection with that last battle.

The belt in question has been worn at several Viking events World wide, those are: Foteviken in Sweden, Moesgaard (Denmark) Wolin (Poland) Neustadt Glewe (Burgfest) and several shows in the United Kingdom also, and has passed authenticity there.


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