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Viking Reenactment

In this section you will find a range of Viking Age, Slavic, Saxon, Frankish, Germanic and Rus of origin products of Reenactment grade, most of these will be in the form of Viking Helmets and so on. They are worn, tested, and checked by our own in house employee's who have taken part in Reenactment battles across the world. Namely Hastings (UK) Vlaadinger (Holland) Moesgaard (Denmark) Wolin (Poland) Yorvik (UK) and plenty more, if you have any questions about our products, please do not be shy and contact us, we understand the issue's faced with authenticity, and certain events having strict rules and others being more relaxed depending on the geographical region.

All silver is checked and made to European standards,as well as all armour / helmets being made to western standards in 16 gauge (non head shot helmet) and Eastern grade helmets are more 14 gauge steel, or 16 gauge heavily tempered.