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This faithfully reproduced piece is the Viking Helmet found in the famous Archeological site in Lithuania in Baltic style, super rare, depicting excellent elements of Baltic warriors lifestyle.

These helmets are specifically designed to be worn for fuller target fighting where head shots count, although they come without padding / armour underneath which is recommended with this fighting type, these helmets are worn at Wolin and are regularly used in our trainings to take a beating. As well as this, they are designed on a famous helmet type which is quite famous in Lithuania.

Upon ordering this, please email us the circumference of your head, so we can made this helmet manufactured to your specifications with regards head measurements, and comfort ability, so its just right. Its important in sports combat / reenactment that all protective gear is made in such fashion, and not bought off the shelf, to ensure the right fit.

 Key Features-
Colours - Metallic
Material Steel.
Eastern Grade 2mm thickness

The Maille itself is flat sectioned 9mm rivited chain mail, designed to work specifically within hardened style of fighting, however it is recommended that you wear a form of padded arming cap or protection underneath.

The helmet also comes with a faithfully reproduced leather set up underneath (spider / head assembly) with authentic brass looking buckle to boot.

Options Available:

Helmet can also come with full maile covering face, or just seen as picture, which is back and sides.

Please state which you would prefer when making the order.

Please measure your head upon making this order so we can get the correct information required to ensure the helmet fits.

Made to order.


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Viking Helmet - Lithuanian

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