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Viking Cloak Pin bronze

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Viking Cloak Pin, gripping beast in Oseberg style, bronze

Viking cloak brooch shaped like a pin. This cloak pin made of bronze is adorned with the figure of a gripping beast in Oseberg style.

The Oseberg style
... was widespread from the end of the 8th century to the middle of the 9th century and became known upon the discovery of a ship grave in Oseberg, on the shores of the Oslo fjord in Norway. The Oseberg style is characterized by representations of gripping beasts. These strange, not otherwise definable animal-like creatures, whose shapes were designed and arranged by their artisans in such a way as to fit any frame harmoniously, gradually superseded other motifs. They were prevalently depicted on articles of daily use made of wood or metal. But these gripping beasts can also be found in the carvings adorning the famous Oseberg ship.
The Oseberg style is also referred to as Broa style or Early Viking style.

- Length: approx. 7 cm
- Weight: approx. 12.6 g
- Material: bronze

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