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Viking Chainmaille Reenactment Shirt

Welcome brave warrior to your oppertunity to be covered in the greatest of armour. This armour itself is a spectacular representation of the Viking Maille Coats commonly worn by the Saxons, and Vikings, even the Slavs and Rus used it, and finds all over Europe document it as the epic go to armour of the early Medieval period!

The armour itself is expertly crafted so that it weighs as light as possible, yet affords the protection provided.

Commonly used in Reenactment, across Europe, we can safely say we've seen this armour go abroad and take a ' real whack' and come back fine.

Specifications at a glance:

Made of 18g thick mild steel (1.2mm)
Rivited flat ring 4 in 1 design
9mm wide rings.

Can be made in standard steel effect, or darkened steel as shown in the pictures.

Made to measure: We will require your measurements as this is made to order, the benefit of this is, we can save your armour weighing you down without extra kilo's of un-necessary weight and size.

Where has this Armour been used?

The armour itself has been tested at events in the UK, as well as shows around the world like Wolin, so to put it simply, it will hold up to Western style (not so heavy fighting) and Eastern / Full target fighting, in which armour is recommended.

Any questions please fire away as we would love to help, and upon purchase, we will request the full measurements from you to be sure it fits correctly.

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