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Viking Age Lammellar Varangian

TheVikingStore is proud to present its Viking Age Lammellar made for Reenactors designed by Reenactors. This armour has passed authenticity checks across Europe and in the UK.

Made from D plates authentic to the Viking Age, this armour is ideal for people portraying Rus Vikings or Slavs, or even soldiers of The Verangian Guard!

Each plate is made of steel and woven with leather thonging designed to align the plates together to give a tight but protective fit from piercing and slashing attacks.

Materials: Made from Steel plates and leather thonging / leather.

Size: Please send us in your measurements as this item is manufactured to order (we require the following measurements.

Total height in cm.
Shoulder to shoulder measurement (cm).
Your Waist Measurement (cm)
Your Chest Measurement (cm)

The armour is designed to fit a variable range of sizes so there should be no issue with i fitting you as long as the measurements are correct. With a strapped buckle system at the back, this armour is designed to give you extra space for a Gambeson or chain underneath, or if you just want to wear it by itself. (If you intend to wear a lot of padding and armour underneath please let us know so we can be sure to consider this in our construction, as your normal measurements may need to be re-considered to allow extra space).

Usually dispatched between 4-8 weeks.
RRP: £400.89

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