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Thor's Hammer from iron

Product code: BM1416000100

Forged Thor‘s Hammer (Mjölnir) from Iron, spiky shape, pendant

Mjölnir is the hammer of the God Thor, who temporary was known as
the Major God in Germanic paganism, especially with free farmers and
warriors. Swedish jarls and kings on the contrary mostly took Odin as
their Major God. In mythology the dwarf Brokk forged Mjölnir.
It was said that Mjölnir, when thrown, would never fail its aim. Using
this fearsome weapon Thor defeated the giants that always threatened
Vanir and Æsir. Today Mjölnir is known as jewellery and talisman,
but most of all as a symbol for paganism and atheism in a Christian

The mjölnir is hand-forged from one piece.

Height: 60mm
Width: approx. 20mm
Weight: approx. 30g
Finish: waxed

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RRP: £5.99

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