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Sentinel Spear

TheVikingStore is proud to present our vast range of LARP Staffs & Polearms. Whether you're a brave adventurer in need of a mighty War Staff, a mighty champion of chaos looking to impale your enemies on the tip of your Battle Spear. Or even a Viking Norseman seeking fame and fortune wher ever your longship sails. Whatever your character we here at TheVikingStore have the ideal weapon for you!

Product Code: IFSEN0475

Size:  180cm

  • Foam and Latex Contruction
  • These are built of special foam, which is covered with latex and a finish which gives better protection and an authentic colouring.
  • We at TheVikingStore recommend the use of silicone spray as special care for your weapons. PLEASE NOTE: These LARP Weapons are of the Epic Armories range and are of high quality.
  • Most durable foam on the market
  • High safety
  • Strong coating
  •  Round flexible glass fibre core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Closed celled foam that does not shred


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