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Roman Equite's Spatha Broadsword

Product Code: TAANSP

Historically: Called the Spatha by the Imperial Romans and used by their own cavalry "The Equites" during their invasion of Britain in 43AD. By 236AD the armies of Rome were becoming stretched across their massive frontiers and at this time the tight Legion formation of old was seen to be too expensive in both manpower and the time it took to train them. With a more open battle formation the longer Spatha was better suited to the new infantry style. When the state paid Legions left Britain in 407AD the British people raised mounted militia from their beleaguered province. The Romano-British c.250AD to 600AD used this sort of sword with infantry as well as cavalry. The real 'Arthur of the Britons' was probably the over-all commander of many such Romano-British cavalry troops. His Spatha, legend says was called 'Excalibur'.

48cm/19" long approx.

Handmade out of Scandinavian ash with jute handle.

Usually dispatched in 10-20 days.

Please Note: We have plenty of this manufacturers items in stock, but have placed a more accurate dispatch time to avoid disapointment. If you need something quicker than the usual time mentioned above, please contact us and we can see if its available.


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