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Reenactment Viking Boots

Reenactment Viking Boots
Reenactment Viking Boots

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New and Improved, cheaper cost, better price! That's right, we have been looking to source Reenactment Viking Boots in mass production to bring the price down, and finally after almost two years of searching its now possible, as a result we have managed to drop the price by around £100.00 for pretty much the same quality of boot! So, order in and wear a boot worthy of the greatest warrior!

These are ideal replica Reenactment Viking Boots, and are of bespoke quality. Perfect for Viking Age Reenactment, Saxon, Slav, and early Medieval periods. They are also great for Asatru / Pagan ceremonies or those wanting to attain extremely authentic kit!

The period they herrald from is around the 9th-11th century.

These boots have been made in accordance to the finds found in Jorvik (York) Belgium and other finds.

The boot itself is the 4 toggle Viking Boot, with a non curving sole with slightly pointed toe and separately sewn shaft. They have been modified to a more comfortable shoe, accommodating modern feet.

Authenticity: These boots have been authentically checked on many ocassions by authenticity officers at events all over the world, including: The Battle of Hastings (UK), Moeesgaard (Denmark), Wolin Viking / Slav festival in the fortress of Jomsborg Wolin (Poland), Jorvik Viking Festival (York), Trelleborg (Denmark) and countless others.

They have also passed authenticity for Regia Anglorum, The Vikings, and Jomsborg / The JomsVikings.

The Proprietor of TheVikingStore owns a pair of these boots personally, and swears by them, as they have survived for years.

Key features:

  • Optional added rubber sole for more comfort, and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Authentically checked and accepted by many UK and international groups.
  • Have been worn on many battle fields across the UK and Europe without issue.
  • The boots only come in Brown colour.
  • The boots only come in smooth quality leather, (They are not Nubuck)

Usually dispatched between 4-6 weeks.

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