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Ratio - Medium deal

Here at TheVikingStore you can find a full range of LARP quality platemail made from the Epic Armories range, and others. Unless stated otherwise all our armour is made of steel, however it is not suitable for Re-enactment. 
Whether you're a bloodthirsty Orc slaying his enemies and eating their flesh, or a noble Draconic Knight marshalling his skills alongside his mighty Wyvren, we here at TheVikingStore have the ideal suit of armour for you! 

Product Code: IFOCTZAP002

This Box includes a complete Official Conquest Ratio medium deal - Size Large.

- Tunic 
- Elbows
- Shoulders
- Helmet

We here at TheVikingStore are pleased to be selling these fantastic LARP armour products!
This LARP armour is perfect for characters such as Warriors, Dark Knights, Liches, Undead Guardians and Evil Paladins.
RRP: £427.99

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