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Norman Wooden Kite Shield with Gryffon

Product code: BM1116396900

Norman wooden Kite shield with knotted griffon.

Norman Kite shield made of plywood, covered with canvas. The shield is painted with a Viking-style beast, probabbly a griffon. A similar shield is shown in Bayeux tapestry illustrating the conquest of England by the Normans and the Battle of Hastings in 1066. There are three strong adjustable leather-straps fixed at the backside of the shield, which allows you to wear it at the arm or hang it over the shoulder as well. At the back-side you also find a leather-covered padding to cushion the impact of strikes against the shield. The steel boss is unmounted. You have to do it yourself, either with the six screws with round heads or with own rivets or nails. With it's just 2850 grams this shield is quite light and suitable for re-enactment.

Details: - Material: Plywood -
Thickness: approx. 1 cm -
Height: approx. 134 cm -
Width: approx. 56 cm -
Weight: approx. 2.85 kg
Shipping weight: 3.00 kg

Usually shipped in 10-20 days

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