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Norman Nasal Helm

Norman Nasal Helm
Norman Nasal Helm


TheVikingStore's range of LARP Helmets ranges from different ages and mythologies, from the utterly fantastical to the classical and ancient periods of Midgard,  and generic LARP Armour.

The Norman Nasal Helm is used authentically in many reenactments for early Medieval and Viking Age / Saxon Reenactment across Europe. Aside from this its also used commonly in many LARP's across Europe.

  • Steel colour.
  • Made of 2mm Steel
  • Padded helmet with black leather inlay and leather straps.
  • Medium 19x23cm (C 60-64cm)
  • Large 20,5x25cm (C 64-68cm)

 Product Code: IFNNHST001

Sizes: Medium & Large

Usually dispatched in 10-20 days


Usually dispatched between 7-12 days

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