Necromancer Wand - Brown


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Colour: Brown
Core: Wood
Weight: 32 grams / 1,13 oz
Length: 33cm
Grip Length: 6cm
Handle Circ: 6cm

Epic Armoury’s Brown Necromancer Wand is a 32cm wand crafted from dark intentions and evil deeds. Inspired by the most villainous of sorcerers, this wand has been infused with the personality of a necromancer, reflecting the spells of death contained within.

The Necromancer Wand is made from varnished wood and polyurethane foam. The handle itself is a foam cast that slides onto a brown stick sitting 15cm into the foam sleeve. Your hand should feel comfortable around the foam sleeve’s spiraled ergonomic shape, and there’s a nubbed grip for an ideal finger rest. Intricately designed to look like a silver metal skull, the sleeve ends in a toothy grin--perhaps the last thing your next poor victim will see.

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