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LARP Tudor armour jerkin


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The best plate armour is worth nothing, if the wearer can not move in it. Oftentimes you have to find a compromise between padding and movability. The late medieval "Tudor" gambeson was specifically designed to be worn underneath a steel torso armour.

Padded with woolen lining, it is not as thick as other models. This way the gambeson protects the wearer from pressure marks and blows from the opponents, while not limiting the movability. The arms are not padded, but have a double layer of thick canvas fabric. This does not limit the wearers movements and protects the arms fro mthe full armguards worn on top of them. Additional holes allow a attachment of light armour parts, such as the armshield "Wilhelm" with strings. Laces with fixed tips are used to close this gambeson in the front.

Naturally this gambeson can be worn seperately, without any form of armour on top. The additional holes allow various possibilities to personalize this gambeson to the wearers needs and demands.

Material: canvas, felted wool
Size: S to XXL 
Colours: brown, cream, sand, black

Usually dispatched within 10-20 working days.

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