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LARP Stepan tunic damasc

LARP Stepan tunic damasc
LARP Stepan tunic damasc LARP Stepan tunic damasc LARP Stepan tunic damasc LARP Stepan tunic damasc

The Viking Store is proud to present our vast range of Mytholon products. The Valiant Paladin smiting evil, the Warlock channelling dark energies from the void, The Priest healing those in need or the Warrior fighting bravely at the front lines , whatever life your character lives , our large range of Mytholon LARP products will help to breathe new life into your Character. Whether you need costume , weapons , armour or more the Mytholon range of products are ideal for you!

The "Stepan" tunic is made along patterns of the late-medieval "Houpelande" top coat. This typical long overgarment type tunic was fashinable for centuries and is seen today in e.g. judges' robes.

Worn as an overgarment it has a wide cut, looking great when bound with a belt on the hip. The wide sleeves and the horsemans slits in the front and back of the bottom seam will not interfere with the wearers movements. The tunic is long enough to reach down to the wearers calfs, the damasc fabric will certainly underline the wearers noble character.

Attention: This tunic exceeds the regular sizes about one size! If you regularly wear L, please order an M size!

Material: Damasc fabric (75% polyester, 25% cotton)
Sizes: S - XXL
Colours: red, blue, green

Usually dispatched in 10-20 working days.

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