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LARP Polyurethane Paladin Armour Set


Our polyurethane armour is new to The Viking Store! We proudly present our new range of LARP friendly, movie quality and perfect for cosplay polyurethane armour. Made from a highly pressurised cast plastic, this armour is well known for its durability, light weight and fantastic detail. Coated in highly scratch resistant paint, this armour does not require oiling and does not rust, meaning you not only look the part, you will not have to pay the ludicrous price for the same armour cast in metal or fibre glass.

This set comprises the Dragon Armoury Paladin Pauldrons, Gorget, Breastplate with tassets, Vambraces and Articulated Greaves.

Will fit chest size up to 40" (102cm) and waist up to 34" (86cm).

Complete with black leather straps (not brown as pictured).

Available in a range of finishes or can be supplied plain for you to paint yourself.

Made in the UK by Wyrmwick Creations Ltd under license from Dragon Armoury.

Key Advantages:

    -Does not rust
    -Amazing attention to detail and quality.
    -Scratch resistant
    -Highly pressurised plastic - very durable.
    -Practically weightless.
    -Significantly cheaper than getting the same made in mild steel.
    -Weighs and costs less than getting it made in fibre glass.

Plastic Information:

Polyurea resin with a high level of stratch, tear and impact resistance. The resin is in accordance with ISO9001 Quality policy.


Usually dispatched in 4-8 weeks.

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