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LARP Nodachi Sword

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The largest sword in Epic Armourys range of Japanese inspired blades. The No-Dachi was a sword hard to make and hard to use. As such it became a symbol of status and skill wielded mostly in duels, even though they looked fearsome on the battlefield. At 140 cm from tip to pommel, the No-Dachi is a real two-handed sword. It has a slightly curved 100 cm blade, an oval cross-guard and a 35 cm handle for a good two-handed grip. 

Size:140 cm

No-Dachis are available with gold-, silver or bronze coloured pommel and cross-guard. The handle is wrapped in vegetable-tanned top grain black- or brown menuki-style bindings.

Usually dispatched in 10-20  days.
RRP: £112.99

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