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The Viking Store is proud to present our vast range of plate armour products. The Valiant Paladin smiting evil, the Warlock channelling dark energies from the void, The Priest healing those in need or the Warrior fighting bravely at the front lines.  Whatever life your character lives , our large range of LARP products will help to give your Character renewed vigour! Whether you need costume , weapons , armour or more our  range of products is  ideal for you! Here at TheVikingStore you can find a full range of LARP quality platemail. Unless stated otherwise all our armour is made of steel.

Lorica Segmentata, Type Newstead

Very authentic reconstruction of the Roman armour Lorica Segmentata, type Newstead

The Lorica Segmentata has been used by the Roman Legion for more than 200 years.
The earliest finds were in Kalkriese, Germany, and are supposed to come from the year
9 anno Domini.

The type Newstead is named after a village in Southern Scotland, where the Roman castra
Trimontium was located. The remains of this camp gave the example for our reconstruction.

In original these plate armors had been used between 130 and 280 AD. It’s the last version
of plate armor used by the roman legionnaires. In later times they wore chain mail shirts
like Lorica Hamata again.

Unlike the earlier versions from Corbridge or Kalkriese you can’t adjust the Newstead-armor.
The four sections of the armor are to be fitted by hooks and connection assemblies.
You can wear this one with a chest girth up to 112 cm circumference. Of course you should
measure the circumference considering all (padded) cloths.

Material: 1.3 mm steel, brass fittings
Size: suitable for chest girth up to 112 cm
Weight: approx. 9.2 kg

Usually dispatched in 10-20 working days.


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LARP Lorica Segmentata Newstead

Product Code BM1023100446