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LARP Leather Thermos Holder 1000ml

TheVikingstore's leather bag drinking bottle range. This LARP Leather Thermo Bottle comes in a number of colours, depending on what sort of equipment you are carrying. Be it because you need to hide Dwarven Ale, Elven Wine, or to meerely keep ones vital water supply safe, we here at TheVikingStore are confident you will find something for you.

These are ideal for your typical warrior, adventurer, merchants, nobles, knights, rangers, clerics and fit any racial types ranging from Dwarves, to Elves, to humans and more!

The Drinking Thermo's itself come in Brown, Black, Green and Red.

This Leather canteen holder includes a 1,0L. High Grade Vacuum Flask with Epic Armoury logo.
The leather holder comes with an adjustable leather strap for better fit.

Please Note: The Vacuum Flask is made in Stainless Steel 18/8

This product is usually dispatched in 10-20 working days.

Product Code: LARPTH001


Usually dispatched between 7-12 Days

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