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LARP Kendra tassets

LARP Kendra tassets
LARP Kendra tassets LARP Kendra tassets
Product code: MYTH970343

TheVikingStore is proud to present our vast range of LARP leather armour. If your an adventurer needing a decent set of Brigadine armour, or the mighty chaos warrior, looking to champion his tribe by decimating his foes, or the raiding Norseman commonly known as a Viking, seeking fame and fortune where ever there longship sails, or more! Whatever your character is, our LARP leather armour is ideal for you.

A pair of tassets made for the "Kendra" leather series.

These tassets were made along the design of the "Kendra" series and can be worn with the bodice: use the D-rings on each side of the front to attach them to the armour.
The tassets are made from two pieces and continue the motive used on the complete armour.
The edges are, as with the complete series, decorated with a detail and then rounded to break the edge. This makes it feel much more comfortable when worn.

Material: leather uppers
Colour: black, brown
Measurements: 22cm long, 20cm wide

Sold in pairs.

This product is usually dispatched in 15-30 working days.

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