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LARP Imperial Swordholder

Product Code: IF101559

Imperial Sword Holder

The Imperial Sword Holder is a handy gadget for keeping your sword at hand and fixed in place while moving. The scabbard is a leather tube furnished with polyester felt. This protects the coat of the weapon from tear and provides just enough resistance to keep the weapon from falling out, without impairing the wearer’s ability to draw the weapon. The scabbard is decorated with brass studs. By default the scabbard is set to fit Epic Armoury swords, but it can be adjusted to hold all Epic Armoury foam via the decorative ten-hole brace. The holder is fixed to triangular belt hanger with leather cords. This keeps the weapon fixed in place during movement. The sword hanger is decorated with imperial stamps and can be suspended from a belt via two hangers. The Imperial Sword Holder is made from smooth black top-grain leather.

INFO: Both right and left handed

Colours: Black/Brown, Black

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RRP: £25.99

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