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LARP Female Armour Full Set Witch Elf

LARP Female Armour Full Set Witch Elf
LARP Female Armour Full Set Witch Elf LARP Female Armour Full Set Witch Elf

From Medieval LARP armour to utterly fantastical and mythological suits of leather  costume, TheVikingStore offers a ride variety of LARP armoury designed to resist the blades of LARP weapons and your foes.

The Wytch Elf Armour is Ideal for LARP'ing and SCA, and is designed especially to be worn for women of varying sizes. The material is natural 3.2 mm (80z) leather, and fits a womans body from the typical sizes of Small, Medium to Large. The chest and hip parts of the armour have a laced fastening so they can spread as far as you want, and are designed to work with maidens who have varying chest and hip sizes.
We also recommend that the person wearing this is above the height of 5'7 (168-170cm) for a better fit.

Product Code: FFWE0011

Key Features:

  • Breastpate (Which extends round to the back)
  • Shoulder Plates.
  • Upper Leg Protection / Hip protection / Tassets.
  • Arm protection.
  • Leg Protection.
  • Natural 3.2mm (80z) leather.
  • Available in a range of Colours.

Usually dispatched in 8 - 12 weeks. 

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jeremy Yiu from Hong Kong   5 Stars

I got the Purple one for my friends to wear, and for promotional stuff.

Defo designed for American/European ladies.

Doesnt quite fit Asian Ladies.

Must be 5'7" and above to show off the costume properly. make sure to use copious amounts of leather softener on the inside if you intend to wear this without clothing underneath... heh :D

Highly recommend this, as it's a definitely show stopper at Cos events!

Reviewer: Anita from London   5 Stars

Five Stars.

Gorgeous Fit, Gorgeous Colour, Gorgeous costume. I can't believe how cheap it is and just how much you get for your money!