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LARP Ears -short elven ears

Product Code: IFLEE055

TheVikingStore's LARP Ear collection. This set includes the pair of ears and  5ml spirit gum. They are hand washable, and look as if they are real elf ears. (Don't ask how we got it, we stumbled across a Dragons Cave and sometimes fresh corpses have there uses).

The graceful elves of Alfheim walk the earth from the beginning of time, as guardians aiding the Aesir and Vanir. They are considerate artists with a grand understanding and comprehension of music and dance. Still they are archers of great skill, and are known as being like the very sun to look upon. As Paladins, Knights, Warriors, Rangers and more, The Ljósálfar stand beside the men of Midgard and the Einherjar in the time known as Ragnarok.

Size: One size

Included in delivery:
- Set including the pair of ears and 5ml spirit gum (adhesive)
- hand washable

Usually dispacthed in 7-14 working days

RRP: £10.99

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