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LARP Ears - Moon Elf

Product Code: MWMOON71

TheVikingStore's LARP Ear collection. This set includes the pair of ears and  5ml. Mastix Glue. They are hand washable, and look as if they are real elf ears. (Don't ask how we got it, we stumbled across a Dragons Cave and sometimes fresh corpses have there uses).

 After the destruction of there home realm, the Moon Elves search the lands of man in the hope of a new existence, forming small communities in comparison to the true age of most Elves. Moon elves, like other elf kin, love the learning and use of magic, in whatever form it takes. Both traditions of the arcane and divine magic are highly encouraged and those who partake in either are pushed to expand the knowledge of their race. This pressure does not bother most moon elves, who are outright delighted should they ever become masters of the Art. They stalk there victims with soundless precision and are great predators when found in the Twilight of night, or in deep woods, nor shall there magic be sniffed at either!

Size: One size

Included in delivery:
- Set including the pair of ears and 5ml Mastix glue (adhesive)
- hand washable

Usually dispatched in 10 - 20 working days. 


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