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LARP Ears - High Elf

 Product Code: IFHGELF05

TheVikingStore's LARP Ear collection. This set includes the pair of ears and  5ml. Mastix Glue. They are hand washable, and look as if they are real elf ears. (Don't ask how we got it, we stumbled across a Dragons Cave and sometimes fresh corpses have there uses).

The high elves count themselves as the highest and most noble of the elven races. As immortals they have gathered much wisdom in the arts of the arcane and devoted millennia to the arts of war and the divine. Some have said it is rumoured that they are related to the Asgardian High Elves, also known as 'the light elves'. To stand against them, it has been written in many saga's, is to invite disaster.

 Size: One size

Included in delivery:
- Set including the pair of ears and 5ml Mastix glue (adhesive)
- hand washable

RRP Price:  £12.13

Our Price:   £11.47


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