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LARP Dwarven Tankard

TheVikingStore's LARP Dwarven Tankard. This Tankard is hand washable, and an ideal item to hit monsters with or be thrown. (Don't ask how we got it, we stumbled across a Dragons Cave and sometimes fresh corpses have there uses).

Sizes:  H:21cm   W:18

Product Code:IFC001

Please be aware: These Tankards are quite large, and more often than not bigger than people expect, they are ideal for dwarfs and can quite happily fit a very large grown mans fist into the tankard itself  (They aren't small!)

Our products are made with quality raw materials. Although, the product itself complies with various EU directive, norms and safety standards, even TheVikingStore as your responsible supplier, would suggest that you should avoid drinking directly from this mug.

Epic Armoury Foam Weapons are known by:
Most durable foam on the market
High safety
Strong coating
Round flexible glass fibre core
Strong Kevlar core tip protection
Closed celled foam that does not shred

Varnish is "Lead Free" & complies with Food Grade applications.

Usually Dispatched in 10-20 Days

RRP: £29.99

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Vae Victus from London   5 Stars

I have 2 of these tankards and everyone I know loves them!

Perfect for hitting annoying plebs over the head with or dual weilding for windmilling mayhem! Monsters can't kill you when they are laughing too hard to fight!

Buy these! Buy them now! :)