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LARP Dark Moon - Tonfa

Product Code: IF403512 

 TheVikingStore is proud to present our vast range of LARP in the future! If your an adventurer needing a decent drain pipe cover to hide behind, or the mighty demonic human, looking to champion his tribe by decimating his foes, or the raiding pirates hiding in the asteroid belt, seeking fame and fortune where ever there ship runs, or more! What ever your character is, our LARP weapons are ideal for you.

Size: 60cm

Foam and Latex Contruction
These are built of special foam, which is covered with latex and a finish which gives better protection and an authentic colouring.
We at TheVikingStore recommend the use of silicon spray as special care for your weapons. PLEASE NOTE: These LARP Weapons are of high quality.

Usually dispatched in 10-20 days.


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