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LARP - Sallet Helm

LARP - Sallet Helm
LARP - Sallet Helm LARP - Sallet Helm LARP - Sallet Helm LARP - Sallet Helm

 TheVikingStore's range of LARP Helmets vary from different ages and mythologies, from the utterly fantastical to the classical and ancient periods of Midgard. If your a raiding norseman, or an illustrious King awaiting the dawn of war, we are certain that our range of Epic Armories, our own home brand LARP helmets and more, will suit your needs! If you want to be an Orc, we have the armour just for you. Or the Draconic Knight who marshals his skills a long side is ally the mighty Wyvrn. What ever the case, if you want LARP armour, we've got it!

Product Code: IFHELM001

Key Features

  • Sizes: Medium / Large
  • Finishes:  Metallic or Dark (Epic Metal)
  • Material:  The Sallet is made from 1 mm steel, with steel rivets. Inside the helmet has an adjustable lining of black split leather, and two sizes of foam padding are included in the box.
  • Full coverage helmet with visor and tail. The visor can open all the way up, and the tail is a three-part lobster tail. The Sallet is available in Shiny Plain and Epic Dark.
  • Maintenance: Keep metal armour pieces dry and oiled when they are stored to avoid rust. The leather parts need regular care with leather care products to keep the leather from drying out.
Usually Dispatched within 10-20 days

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