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LARP - Medium Elf Ears

TheVikingStore's Prosthetics range. This set is produced by Neraluna and is a personal favourite of the owner of our store.

These are high quality theatre prosthetics made of natural latex and meant for acting, LARP'ing, Cosplay, themed parties and events, and more.

The graceful elves of Alfheim walk the earth from the beginning of time, as guardians aiding the Aesir and Vanir. They are considerate artists with a grand understanding and comprehension of music and dance. Still they are archers of great skill, and are known as being like the very sun to look upon. As Paladins, Knights, Warriors, Rangers and more, The Ljósálfar stand beside the men of Midgard and the Einherjar in the time known as Ragnarok.

Product Code:  NRLMLOREL21

Size: One size

Total length: 7.5cm (2.95")

Colour: Natural skin tone.

Instructions: Put on the real ear (the little 'flap' goes on the side of the cheek). It's advisable to use an adhesive (like spirit gum) to attach them to your ears: put a drop of it on the inside of the flap and of the opposite side of the auricle. Press lightly in position until it adheres.


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