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Gambeson - Ready For Battle

Product Code: IFGRFB08

TheVikingStore is proud to present for you oh brave warriors of Midgard, our LARP range of costuming. Be it for fancy dress, conquering the relentless waves of barbaric hoards or even that certain garb you need to present yourself as a rich merchant, we are confident that you will find something to your liking. Want something special for your LARP character? Then get in touch!

This Gambeson is a basic gambeson for beginners. The Padding is light and gives a perfect protect and fit for light Armour and chainmail. The arms are designed with holes under the arms for a better ventilation and movement.

Padding thickness: 300grams pr. square meter.

Sizes : Medium

This item is constructed in a small size, typically to be worn by small individuals, or teenagers / children who wish to begin LARP'ing

Usually Dispatched in 10-20 working days.


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