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Folding Shovel - 60 cm
Folding Shovel - 60 cm
Folding Shovel - 60 cm
Folding Shovel - 60 cm
Folding Shovel - 60 cm

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Product Code: IF403531

TheVikingStore is proud to present our vast range of LARP in the future!  If your an adventurer needing a decent drain pipe cover to hide behind, or the mighty demonic human, looking to champion his tribe by decimating his foes, or the raiding pirates hiding in the asteroid belt, seeking fame and fortune where ever there ship runs, or more! What ever your character is, our LARP weapons are ideal for you.
Core: 8 mm Solid Fibreglass Rod
Weight: 200 grams / 7,05 oz
Length: 60CM
Grip Length: 39CM
Head Length: 31CM
Head Width: 12CM
Handle Circ: 12CM

Epic Armoury’s Folding Shovel is a 60 cm spade made from foam, handcrafted to imitate an entrenching tool used by the military and survivalists alike. Entrenching shovels like this particular model have been used since WWII, and were considered a necessary part of a soldier’s equipment. They were even considered ancillary weapons, sharpened and used in close quarters at the Battle of Stalingrad.

Constructed from EVA foam around an 8 mm solid fibreglass rod, this Folding Shovel is finished with a durable layer of latex to prevent shredding and to give it a realistic, smooth surface. The 39 cm handle is carved and hand painted to look like real wood grain, while the 31 cm long head has a nice army-green metal finish with worn edges.

The shovel’s head is not actually foldable, but it includes fine details to give the impression that it can be! It is also reinforced to keep the head of the shovel from breaking, despite heavy use. Use this improvised axe against raiders, zombies, and radioactive rodents--while maintaining an air of ‘practicalism’ thanks to its multifunctional nature.

Made from durable closed cell foam around a solid fibreglass core, and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your post-apocalyptic kit.

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Folding Shovel - 60 cm

Product Code IF403531