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TheVikingStore is proud to present our range of LARP Wands Whether you're a brave Mage in need of a Wand to fight the undead hordes or a mighty champion of chaos looking to lead his tribe by decimating his foes! Or even the raiding Viking Norseman seeking fame and fortune where ever your long ship sails. Whatever your character, we here at TheVikingStore have the ideal weapon for you!
Colour: White
Core: Wood
Weight: 27 grams / 0,95 oz
Length: 35cm
Grip Length: 10,5cm
Handle Circ: 6cm

Epic Armoury’s White Enchanter Wand is a 35cm wand crafted from long hours of magical study and patience. Inspired by the most studious of magic users, this wand has been infused with the personality of a highly trained witch or wizard.

The Enchanter Wand is made from varnished wood and polyurethane foam. The handle itself is a foam cast that slides onto a white stick sitting 11.5cm into the foam sleeve. Your hand should feel comfortable around the foam sleeve’s ergonomic shape, fitting nicely against the spiraling golden vines and embossed details. At the end of the wand, a golden vine secures a realistic blue gemstone--likely the wand’s conduit of power.

Usually dispatched within 25- 30 working days.


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Enchanter Wand - White

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