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Druid Wand - Black


TheVikingStore is proud to present our range of LARP Wands Whether you're a brave Mage in need of a Wand to fight the undead hordes or a mighty champion of chaos looking to lead his tribe by decimating his foes! Or even the raiding Viking Norseman seeking fame and fortune where ever your long ship sails. Whatever your character, we here at TheVikingStore have the ideal weapon for you!
Colour: Black
Core: Bendable Steel
Weight: 43 grams / 1,52 oz
Length: 32cm
Grip Length: 9cm
Handle Circ: 6cm

Epic Armoury’s Black Druid Wand is a 32cm wand crafted from the oldest tree in the forest, gifted to us by the old gods. The gem embedded in its handle was carried to us by a raven, and it is imbued with the power of nature. Behold a wand infused with the personality of a druid, reflecting the spells of the earth contained within.

The Druid Wand is made from polyurethane foam around a bendable steel core. Your hand should feel comfortable against the dark wood texture, and there’s a raised band specifically added along the wand for an ideal finger rest. The wand ends with an realistically designed blue gemstone, secured as though the wood grew around it.

Usually dispatched within 25- 30 working days.


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