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Costume - Basic Skirt

Product code: IFBSKIRT01

TheVikingStore's range of Medieval LARP cloaks, our costume comes in a range of sizes, colours and styles. Be it because you desire specific adventuring gear or more, this typical medieval LARP Cape is ideal for your basic adventuring gear. This costume is ideal for Knights, Merchants, Adventurers, Thieves, Assassins and more!

Key Features:

  • Basic Skirt: Ankle length skirt with tie strings in the waist. The skirt has ”invisible pockets” in both side seems, and a wide bottom - over 3,5 meter for a size medium. 
  • Quality: Basic Skirt is made from a medium weight 100 % cotton casement.
  • Maintenance: Machine wash Basic Skirt warm (40°C) and remember to wash your newly purchased item separately the first few times, because it can contain excess colour.
  • Sizes: Small , Medium , Large , XLarge
  • Colours: Beige , Black , Off white
RRP: £34.99

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