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Chainmail Hauberk, flatring wedge rivets


The Viking Store is proud to present our vast range of Reenactment products. Our wide selection of accessories are ideal for a range of Live Action Role Play characters also.

A hauberk is a full-sleeve knee-length chain mail shirt.

The FRW chain maille type:
This particular weave is made of flat rings, all riveted with wedge rivets (triangular rivets). It was a common mesh for chain armours of the European late medieval period. The weave is 4 in 1.
This type is called FRW (Flat Ring Wedge rivets).

Available in sizes M, L and XL.

Details and measurements:
- Material: Flat rings, riveted
- Inner ring diameter: approx. 8 mm
- Ring width: approx. 1.8 mm
- Finish: natural (slightly oiled)
Chest circumference approx.122 cm135 cm148 cm
Length from shoulder approx.105 cm108 cm115 cm
Sleeve length approx.53 cm 58 cm59 cm
Weight approx.11 kg12 kg14 kg

Usually dispatched in 10-20 working days.

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