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Celtic Noble's Longsword (Full-Size Oak)

Product Code: TAOBCS

This was no ordinary warrior's sword; it was meant for a noble of the Iron Age people, who we now often call Celts. British Iron Age Nobles went to war on chariots armed with six or so javelins and a sword like this. Beside the noble was the charioteer working his two nimble ponies about the field of battle, and driving close to the enemy so the noble could throw his javelins. The noble would then jump off and fight hand to hand, cutting all about him.

85cm/33.5" long approx.

Please Note: These replicas are not recommended for anyone under 11 years old due to their size and nature. They are meant as collectible replicas for adults and young adult enthusiasts.

Usually dispatched in 10-20 days.

Please Note: We have plenty of this manufacturers items in stock, but have placed a more accurate dispatch time to avoid disapointment. If you need something quicker than the usual time mentioned above, please contact us and we can see if its available.


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