Growth of LARP Products

As the seasons have unfolded into 2017, and 2018, we’ve noticed something quite cool, how many new products and quirky new items are being developed in the larp world! So we thought we’d pick a few out and talk about the interesting new developments.

As a whole, a huge swathe of LARP platemail is mass produced abroad in countries like Pakistan and India, however, progress there has mean’t that the LARP kit in the form of armour is upping its game and improving, which is pretty awesome!

The Witch Hunter Leather hat as shown, is loosely based on the inquisitorial style of Warhammer (Awesome aye!) and rather than a standard hat, they’ve added some cool additions to it (like the buckles and belt).

One of my favourites, the Rogue Platemail piece, I absolutely love this, with a combination of Leather with metal studded plate pieces, it looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, instead of standard boring plate, this really encompasses a range of looks, and would even work well for people Cosplaying people from For Honour, or even Witcher based stuff 🙂 generally speaking its a wonderful piece, and really shows the efforts people are making to not keep within the standard template of normal LARP products.

Of course, we have to show this again, what a beautiful piece, Witcher much? The design is epic, not much more else we can say!

Part two to come later, got any that you are particularly fond of? Post them below, and tell us why!

More Shields more products!

That’s right, we are expanding on our viking shield range and reenactment shields, currently our reenactment range has felt a little lack luster, so to build this up, we have around near to 100 different shields going up on the site, ranging from medieval bucklers, to Roman Shields, Greek style 300 shields to more historical ones, and even viking and norman shields.

This is ideal for things like decking out a banqueting hall, or for living history displays, many of which are ideal for reenactment and HEMA / martial arts.

Wanting to check them out? Well you can see our expanding range here –

Some of the Norman ones are fantastic, and of course we’ve expanded on our shield bosses as well!

Feel our website is missing essential products? Or want something custom made, get in touch!

As an example of some of the fantastic works we can do, it ranges from your stereotypical LARP shield construction, to gorgeous display wooden shields for ceremonies and weddings, all the way up to battle ready viking age shields, of varying authentic standards.


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This Voucher works for everything from Viking Jewellery, to LARP, Reenactment, Cosplay and more, pretty much everything! 🙂

Looking at making a huge order with us, perhaps you are a club, or just a group of friends wanting to Cosplay something awesome, get in touch as we do large order group discounts for our special customers who have more than the average pouch of gold for splashing away here at TheVikingStore.

Jomsborgs 30th Anniversary and the growth of viking culture

Wow! Well its been thirty years this year, since Jomsborg started as a small group of young adventurers in the UK, way back when the viking reenactment scene was young.. Now look at what has happened, everything from music to culture, to tv, Viking culture has exploaded into pop culture as the hip new thing everything wants to be a part of.

Considering the Reenactment scene of viking combat has gone from a handful of warriors back in the 80’s, to fostering battles of 700+ around the world, it looks like rough guesstimations of the scene is its pretty much shot up over 1,000% since its humble beginnings.

So, get involved and check it out! If you are looking for more info, please check out the following sites.

Stay viking and see you on a battlefield somewhere soon!

New Year New Products!

We hope your 2018 has started off with a bang, and we are super excited for the new years worth of products!

We are trying to expand our reenactment and LARP range, which is quite exciting, from a range of leather armour, platemail armour, jewellery and more!

Got something you’d like to specifically see? – Email us or let us know here, and we are looking at product designs and new options.

We’ve also got some mega sales in our shop, on the odd discounted products so worth checking them out!

Christmas shipping and closures.

The Viking store’s last European shipping date is the 18/12/17 to receive them before Christmas, regarding UK orders we will not be able to send anything out after 20/12/18 for 48hour shipping, if you require it sooner and its available, we may be able to send out emergency orders in the UK via 24 hour delivery, please call if this is required and available. Some of our stock is available  in store stock so please contact us before placing an order, if you need it for Christmas or a last minute purchase.

Viking Store Christmas Closures:

We will be closed as per usual over the Holiday season starting from the 23rd of December – 5th of January.

During this time our shop will be closed but our online website will be running as usual and taking orders

We are returning our email answering and phone calls on the Friday (the 5th of January) and then full customer services will be back to normal then.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas season is fast approaching!

Like yourselves,we have seen the large mad rush of Christmas adverts beginning to appear online and on TV (Oh we wish we had the money for TV adverts!)

What are you getting for this Christmas, is it the new XBOX one X? Or would you like some viking goodies to fight off the ice giants and trolls 😉

What ever the case, we are open and ready for your orders and will be working the office trolls and packing dwarves into over drive ensuring your LARP and Viking goodies get to you in time!

Want to see some of the new cool things we have coming in? Oh yes… Viking goodness! Drinking Horn mugs with epic carved designs on the side waiting for you!

Walthamstow Shop Closure 4th of November.

Due to much needed maintenance, sadly we are not open Saturday, however our shop online will be open as normal for your Viking, LARP, Reenactment and gifting needs! As we will also be off filming for a pretty cool film shoot!

Our opening hours, will be back to normal after this phase, as lead up to the mad Jul / Christmas rush, means we will be all hands on deck to help your needs accordingly.

Our Saturdays will be returning to normal after this, for the rest of November, and December, until we close for Christmas

Have a great weekend, and our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

Walthamstow Shop Closure 28th of October.

Due to much needed maintenance, and our attendance at the MCM Exbo, sadly we are not open tommorow, however our shop online will be open as normal for your Viking, LARP, Reenactment and gifting needs!

Please check our opening times on google, or facebook as our next two Saturdays will be going through a bit of difficult opening hours (or closed) however, we will be back to normal after this phase, as lead up to the mad Jul / Christmas rush.

Have a great weekend, and our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

New Products in Store!

Wanna see our expanding range of Viking Products and Fantasy gear? This stuff is ideal for LARP and Cosplay, but once its sold its gone forever! The Armour in this pic is our Polyurathane range, and made to the highest qualities for film and Cosplay, its also very popular in live action role play. Got any questions or want some custom armour? Get in touch, we love custom builds.