Temporary Closure
The Viking Store will be closed for a Day due to being away for an event and
Bank holiday Monday.
These Dates Include:
Saturday 24th August and Monday 26th August.

We will be returning to business as usual on Tuesday 27th August.
During this period you can still place orders with us online and we will get on to them as soon as we get back into the store.
Thank You.


About Us

TheVikingStore is one of Europes most prominent retailers and wholesalers of replica militaria, LARP, and pagan associated giftware, stretching from Medieval to Viking/Celtic/Saxon/Slavic, from pagan to the fantastical such as high fantasy LARP and costuming for films and theatre.

Whether you want Re-enactment crafts and costuming, illustrious museum quality standards, to hail the traditions of your ancestors with pagan goods, or to rival the armour and fantasy costume in films such as Lord of the Rings and 13th Warrior. Our Dwarven forges and stock make it  easy to fulfill most of our clients' needs. From simple “in stock” orders to bespoke custom projects, our facilities and worldwide partnerships help to make most projects a reality.

TheVikingStore is in association with "The Ulflag" and "Triglav", a part of a world wide network of modern day sword fighters which train regularly for Film, TV, competitive fighting and promotional work for the online and console gaming industry. Through this TheVikingStore and its associates have fought in countless epic movies as supporting artists and sword masters. The Viking Store have worked and supplied movies such as The Hunt for Gollum, Riddley Scott's Robin Hood, and BBC's Merlin! We are very active in the film industry whether its supplying suits of armour for extra's or taking part, you can find us in a plethura of involvements each year. This year, and previous years we have currently been supplying BBC's Atlantis, and working on Documentaries / Docu-drama's for TV channel Yesterday.

With over one hundred years of combined knowledge and experience in Re-enactment, Paganism, LARP, sword fighting and props and costume manufacturing for film and television, we have become a world wide trusted source supplying to many companies and organisations from all over Midgard.

Our partners and staff have a keen interest in the products we manufacture, retail and use ourselves. If you require specialist knowledge which can range from academic knowledge to generic sourcing, please do contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We Understand Cosplay.

Over the years we have sold hundreds of products to Cosplayers, including boots, chainswords, wizards hats and more. We understand that when Cosplaying Anime characters, or Star Wars characters, there are security issues at events, which is why a lot of our Cosplay "swords" and items are LARP safe, meaning they are fine to carry into places like Comic Cons and so on. We have also over the years made custom one off orders for people wanting to Cosplay Sith, or Jedi, and have made custom armour projects for people wanting to Cosplay characters from a range of games, so contact us and see if we can help!

We Understand Paganism.

The Proprietor of TheVikingStore himself is Ásatrú Pagan, with a vast range of knowledge on most of the ancestral traditions of Europe. If you’re looking for something special, or want a specialist item which falls into accordance to your beliefs, we here at TheVikingStore take great joy in our Pagan Pride, and would be delighted to help you.

We Understand LARP.

We here at TheVikingStore have years of experience in LARP’ing and have helped run LARP systems previously. The proprietor of TheVikingStore attends LARP events in the UK and internationally at least ten times a year, if there’s something special you want, or you need to know extra information on safety standards on any of our products, please contact us.

TheVikingStore regularly attends and LARP's with Seaxe & Sorcery.

We Understand Reenactment.

The Proprietor of TheVikingStore has years of experiance in Viking Age Reenactment, and regularly attends events across Europe. We take competitive combat and historical combat very seriously, and respect those who sacrifice there time to master the ways of our ancestors.
The Proprietor of TheVikingStore also runs a UK Lag of Jomsborg which specialises in knowledge of the viking age. The Miklagard Ulflag portray 9-11th century Varangian Guard, and are always looking for new adventures and shows!

Our Association with Triglav comes under the organisation term "The East Storm". The East Storm is an international movement of modern day Vikings which take part in Living History shows, Epic Competitive battles, and movie work on a regular basis. We have over 300 participants located in countries such as Poland, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.

We Love History

History of Europe is something we are proud of and enjoy promoting. We work with historians and consultants all over Europe to ensure our projects are correct but still hold a contemporary enjoyable modern flair. Igor Gorewicz, our main consultant is the proprietor of Triglav books, who also writes on several periods of history, but specialises on The European Evolution of Swords, Slavic and Viking Cultures and more.With access to his own Viking Age Longship and a plethura of resources, film and TV work is made simple.

Quality Assurance

Our products range from custom made projects made in the UK or EU, all the way to mass produced products made world wide. Our Suppliers range from Denmark, Poland, Germany, United States, China, Italy, India and more. We take our product assurance seriously, especially around subjects like Reenactment, when safety is paramount. So please contact us if you have any questions about LARP checks, or Reenactment quality. We namely ask people to be sure about what sort of thickness of steel they would like, quality of steel, and more. Most importantly we are happy to help so please contact us.

Our Pledge to the Enviroment.
We take our enviroment seriously, the ways of our ancestors cannot continue if there is no Midgard left to continue the traditions upon, which is why we are as enviromentally friendly as possible. The majority of our waste is recycled, and this includes our packaging, however, we will continue to maintain our sterling standards and strive to ensure your goods arrive to you safely!