The Viking store's last European shipping date is the 18/12/17 to receive them before Christmas, regarding UK orders we will not be able to send anything out after 20/12/18 for 48hour shipping, if you require it sooner and its available, we may be able to send out emergency orders in the UK via 24 hour delivery, please call if this is required and available. Some of our stock is available  in store stock so please contact us before placing an order, if you need it for Christmas or a last minute purchase.



Viking Store Christmas Closures:

We will be closed as per usual over the Holiday season starting from the 23rd of December - 5th of January.

During this time our shop will be closed but our online website will be running as usual and taking orders.

We are returning our email answering and phone calls on the Friday (the 5th of January) and then full customer services will be back to normal then. (online) will be open as usual and available to email and accept orders as per usual

TheVikingStore retail shop is open for business and awaiting your custom. If you fancy trying on items in person, or want to feel the weapons before you buy, then this is the place for you! 


Our shop is open from Monday to Friday 11am-6:30pm
and Saturdays from 12pm-5pm
(Saturdays are by appointment and flexible, we are closed regularly on Saturdays so please check in advance if we are open).

119 Wood Street
E17 3LL
United Kingdom

Got a question or problem? Need Assistance? Please use the email below to contact us.

0044+ 208 521 6991
(Usual hours 11am-5pm) Mon-Friday


Need Vikings for supporting artist roles? Living History demonstrations? To teach Medieval Western European martial arts? Or just extra's? Contact us here and we will be glad to help you, many of our Sword fighters work regularly on films, or sword fighting demonstrations across the globe. From Canada to Poland, United Kingdom, France and more, we can make any project dreams a reality.

For first contact, please leave a short description, or the product code in question (as shown on the product page) alternatively if it's in regards something special (a custom order etc) please explain in detail what is wanted, and don't be afraid to call us! We are unable to operate a sales line (accepting credit cards over the phone etc). We will however answer your email as quickly as possible (Average email response time is anywhere from 1-48 Hours).