Coming Soon More Viking Authentic gear

Coming in Late 2018 is a huge range of awesome new products especially for you, with huge emphasis on historical accuracy, this includes 9mm rivited maille shirts, and viking age helmets replicated from typologies ranging from the famous Gnezdovo finds, Nemia, and others from Norway, and more!

So looking at arming yourself in some epically authentic bling for Reenactment and Sports Combat, get in touch as our prices are crazy competitive on these!

We will also be bringing out new ranges of LARP gear in 2019. See you then!

Feast like a Viking!

Welcome fellow vikings, and we thought that feasting had met maximum epicness! Well things just got cooler!

Check these out!

Not only are we sporting these epic Viking drinking mug goodies, we’ve also got our usual range of epic drinking horns in stock.

Viking Drinking Horns

But why not check out more of these mugs!

With plenty in stock, we are just waiting for your feasting celebrations!


So we’ve been re-stocking for the summer storm, want to check it out?



That’s right, we have expanded our range of awesome and different LARP swords, want to see? Well we have lots of in store only ones at our retail shop, but these are the special, new just off the rack products which are absolutely incredible!

Here’s a sneak preview of two of them, but you can find them on the shop now also!

New Re-Stock

Just had a re-stock in of some awesome new products, wanna check them out? There’s plenty more coming, and out back waiting to go up as the Summer season kicks, but just though twe’d give you some cool litle ditties to feast your eyes on!

Viking Store Adventures

This Year The Viking Store will be around the Spring Festival in Highams Park this year, with a wide range of viking jewellery, reenactment and more products to entice the public, aside from this The Ulflag, and warriors around the globe are attending to take part in the large scale battles, so come check it out and have fun!

Growth of LARP Products

As the seasons have unfolded into 2017, and 2018, we’ve noticed something quite cool, how many new products and quirky new items are being developed in the larp world! So we thought we’d pick a few out and talk about the interesting new developments.

As a whole, a huge swathe of LARP platemail is mass produced abroad in countries like Pakistan and India, however, progress there has mean’t that the LARP kit in the form of armour is upping its game and improving, which is pretty awesome!

The Witch Hunter Leather hat as shown, is loosely based on the inquisitorial style of Warhammer (Awesome aye!) and rather than a standard hat, they’ve added some cool additions to it (like the buckles and belt).

One of my favourites, the Rogue Platemail piece, I absolutely love this, with a combination of Leather with metal studded plate pieces, it looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, instead of standard boring plate, this really encompasses a range of looks, and would even work well for people Cosplaying people from For Honour, or even Witcher based stuff 🙂 generally speaking its a wonderful piece, and really shows the efforts people are making to not keep within the standard template of normal LARP products.

Of course, we have to show this again, what a beautiful piece, Witcher much? The design is epic, not much more else we can say!

Part two to come later, got any that you are particularly fond of? Post them below, and tell us why!

More Shields more products!

That’s right, we are expanding on our viking shield range and reenactment shields, currently our reenactment range has felt a little lack luster, so to build this up, we have around near to 100 different shields going up on the site, ranging from medieval bucklers, to Roman Shields, Greek style 300 shields to more historical ones, and even viking and norman shields.

This is ideal for things like decking out a banqueting hall, or for living history displays, many of which are ideal for reenactment and HEMA / martial arts.

Wanting to check them out? Well you can see our expanding range here –

Some of the Norman ones are fantastic, and of course we’ve expanded on our shield bosses as well!

Feel our website is missing essential products? Or want something custom made, get in touch!

As an example of some of the fantastic works we can do, it ranges from your stereotypical LARP shield construction, to gorgeous display wooden shields for ceremonies and weddings, all the way up to battle ready viking age shields, of varying authentic standards.