New Products in Store!

Wanna see our expanding range of Viking Products and Fantasy gear? This stuff is ideal for LARP and Cosplay, but once its sold its gone forever! The Armour in this pic is our Polyurathane range, and made to the highest qualities for film and Cosplay, its also very popular in live action role play. Got any questions or want some custom armour? Get in touch, we love custom builds.

Viking War Tunics, great for LARP and Reenactment!

Viking Leather War Tunics, absolutely incredible pieces!

Wanna see some cool new items? We have some special, in retail store only products (trial products) which are incredible, suitable both for LARP and Reenactment, these leather viking tunics are great to be worn underneath armour, or to keep you weather proof when fighting in stormy / dire weather!

As they are made of Nubuck and Suede leather, they are great at keeping you weather resistant.

So, if you are in the London area, we recommend you come check them out, some of the vambraces are incredible, as we start to stock up on film quality items manufactured in the UK!

Viking Tunic War

Viking Tunic War

Viking Leather tunic collection

Hundreds of New Items, and loads of instore special sales!

That’s right, we’ve had a new shipment in of LARP, Cosplay and Reenactment stock, however some of the items are incredible special… Why you ask? Well, they are either old items of my personal stock (Suits of epic armour, Elven Robes, Viking tunics, the lot!) or they are special sale items… Want to see a few sneak previews? Check Them out!

Also.. My Beautiful suit of Lammellar armour is up for grabs also as seen in this awesome picture! So come grab yourself a deal, or catch some rare off custom made items which will never be made again!

ULFLAG and there travels

New LARP and Reenactment Products!

New LARP products are now available online, and we’ve been doing a massive re-stock or some cool items in store also!

Hundreds of new products have gone up Here . Everything from LARP throwing weapons to medieval belts, tunics and more!

 Featuring the LARP witch hunter hat, this awesome piece of kit is fantastic for Witcher Fans, or Cosplayers of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, as an iconic medieval style piece, it works for a range of characters, but really brings out the awesome for those two franchises.

Wanna see what i’ve bought? Its a beautiful suit of Klivanion / armour made specifically for me in Russia, don’t ask me how much it cost… Because it really was a lot, but totally worth it!

Pardon the modern clothes underneath, I was so excited when it arrived I just had to try it on, so this is sadly the only pic of it I have so far… Do let us know what you think!

Shop Closure 28th (Retail Shop)

TheVikingStore shop in Walthamstow will be closed on the 28th due to the Bank Holiday on Monday. (online) will be open as usual and available to email and accept orders as per usual 🙂

We will return back to full operations on the tuesday and taking the Bank Holiday for a much needed break. Please check out our shop on all the new products going up and let us know if something is missing which you want us to sell, it could be LARP, Reenactment, or Cosplay and more 🙂

We hope your summer campaign of battles and adventures is going fantastically, and thank you for understanding.


TheVikingStore team.

Viking Summer Raids! Viking Summer Sales!


Thats right! 5% everything, just go on our facebook page to find the code offers, and you can simply use this coupon code to get 5% off of all your LARP, Reenactment and costume needs!

We’ve recently been adding up a whole new range of LARP products, and LOADS of new LARP tents and reenactment pieces, so even if you aren’t buying at the moment, and thinking about what to get later, its worth a boggle, I couldn’t believe how awesome some of the items were, wanna see some key examples?

Very simply, you can check them all out Here:

Looking at making a large bulk order as part of a LARP group, or of similar ilk? Get in touch, we love making tailor made deals, especially those who are trying something new, or putting some epic kit together!

LARP and Reenactment Tents!

So surprisingly we’ve been expanding our tent range and getting better pictures of what sort of tents we can do, originally when we set up shop, tent’s wasn’t really appealing to people and for the most part people had zero interest! However now LARP tents in Medieval and period fashion seem more sought after than ever! So we’ve been working hard on expanding this range.

Tell us what you think, and if you see any styles you would like, or think we should store, if its reenactment grade or LARP we wanna know about it!

Our Range of Tents!

Some other ranges still to come are some viking A frame looking ones, and more!

We’ve all been there, you have fantastic costume, brilliant armour, and you just want to immerse yourself more than ever before, but sleeping in plastic tents just isn’t enough for you… Well, why not emerse yourself in style with these, trust me, I do it all the time and it really adds to the escapism and fun for going away and being a part of these incredible events!

Please note we also do group discounts for the large tents, so if you are a faction, or running things and need better tents, get involved and message us as we are looking forward to helping, and your custom 🙂


Sutton Hoo Belt & LARP Swords Oh My!

So, for those of you that have seen, we have been ‘banging’ out extensive ranges of new LARP products and Reenactment supplies, and man some of those are awesome!

Anything from the Sutton Hoo Belt buckle which looks incredible, to the new range of Epic Armouries LARP swords which have totally blown me away.. These items are fantastic, and infact, if it wasnt for the fact they are thicker and more chunkier than theatrical prop swords, they are pretty damn close to the similar ones used on film sets!



Or Have a look at some of these LARP swords:

All in all, we’ve added up hundreds of new products over the past few weeks, but the never ending list keeps growing and growing (ugh!) If you’ve got anything in mind you’d like to see or recommend, please get in touch!

Viking Easter Holiday


We will be taking a well needed break as our Elves and Dwarves enjoy the holiday period, with the usual expected feasting and drinking!

From Friday the 14th (Good Friday) to Easter Monday (17th) our Walthamstow retail shop will be closed, and back open on the 18th onwards.

If you would like to buy and keep preparing for your victories this year, our online retail shop will be open and ready for your orders as per normal.

Aside from this, we will be doing another product push for your favourite items, such as Viking Jewellery, and more LARP products, we are also interested in hearing from you about what sort of Medieval, Viking, Celtic? Roman? You tell us! Costume we should be supplying, or things you are interested in.

Thank you, and happy Ēostre & Easter to you!

Christmas Closures and Last Delivery dates.

UK – 22nd December
Europe – 16th December
Rest of the world – 12th December

**Christmas Closures**
The Viking Store will be closed due to the Holidays from the 23rd of December to the 5th of January 2017, Our online retail shop will still be taking orders online, but regular service / customer service will be returning on the 5th, Merry Christmas!